Did you know there may be a specific math course designed for your major? An initiative called Math Pathways is helping students plot the right course as they pursue their degree at Missouri’s colleges and universities. 

Four possible pathways have been established based on the skills you need for certain careers. Talk to your college adviser to see which of these courses is best for your field of study.

  • Reasoning & Modeling
    • For students in the humanities, provides the skills required to navigate the mathematical demands of modern life.
  • Precalculus Algebra
    • In line with existing college algebra courses, this path is for students whose field of study will require a high level of algebraic reasoning or calculus.
  • Precalculus
    • Similar to precalculus algebra, this pathway prepares students for a field of study requiring high level algebraic and trigonometric reasoning, and/or calculus. 
  • Statistical Reasoning
    • For students whose college and career paths will require knowledge of the fundamentals of the collection, analysis and interpretation of data.