Mother and teenage daughter filling out college applications.

A college education can mean more job opportunities, higher pay, and a more secure future for your child.

By 2020, more than 66 percent of jobs in Missouri will require a degree or certificate.

There are many things you can do to help prepare your child for college:

  • Encourage them to develop interests and skills through school work, hobbies, and activities.
  • Keep up with their progress in school. Review their homework and know the grades they are making.
  • Draw connections between learning and real life. They should understand how the things they are learning in school relate to the world.
  • Talk about why it was important for you or someone they know to attend college.
  • Talk about their plans for the future.
  • Help them explore college and career opportunities.
  • Attend college fairs and go on college visits.
  • Encourage them to apply to college.
  • Learn about college costs and how to pay for higher education.
  • Create a checklist and calendar to help them keep track of important college-related deadlines.