Course Transfer Tracker – now available!

The Course Transfer Tracker allows you to see all CORE 42 courses at the state’s public colleges and universities. You also will be able to select the general education courses you have taken to see how they will transfer to another school, and to track your progress as you work toward finishing your general education requirements.

CORE 42 is a block of at least 42 credit hours that will transfer as equivalent credit at all public colleges and universities in Missouri.

The Core 42 curriculum streamlines the transfer of college credit and reduces the need to retake courses you have already completed at another school, helping you earn a degree in less time and at less cost.

More than 2,000 courses are included in the curriculum.

General education requirements

The CORE 42 curriculum will fulfill the general education requirements for many degree programs offered in Missouri.

Beginning in August 2018, students who complete the curriculum and transfer to another public college or university in the state will not have to take additional lower-division courses to meet the general education requirements for most liberal arts and sciences degrees. General education requirements for some degrees – including education, engineering, and nursing – differ due to professional licensing requirements.

Students transferring to another school before completing the Core 42 block will receive equivalent credit for each course in the curriculum they have completed.

See a complete list of courses included in the CORE 42 curriculum and their course equivalencies at other Missouri colleges and universities.