Myth #97 – Majors set your future

Certain majors open up a wide range of career opportunities. Engineers and computer scientist, on average, earn the higher salaries. Students with accounting or teaching degrees tend to have an easy time finding employment. However, the major you choose does not necessarily determine what kind of job you’ll have or how much money you’ll make.

A recent study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that only 27 percent of college graduates work in their field of study. A quality education, regardless of your major, will equip you with a broad and adaptable skillset. A philosophy major could go into supply-chain management, a journalism student could land a job as a graphic designer, an accounting major could decide to go to law school instead of study for the CPA exam.

Choosing a major doesn’t necessarily narrow your possibilities, it creates more. Follow your passion and do what you find interesting, and the right future will find you. Utilize the Journey to College College and Degree Search or MoSCORES to explore majors offered right here in Missouri.