A Federal Student Aid Account, or FSA ID, is required in order to file the FAFSA online and to access personal information on Federal Student Aid.  Before filing the FAFSA, students who are considered dependent will need at least one of their parents to also create an FSA ID.

Visit https://studentaid.gov/ to get started.

Download this flier for tips on creating your FSA ID

Things you need to get started:

  • First and last name (must match exactly what is on your SSN card)
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number (must have an SSN to create an FSA ID)
  • Email address (email address cannot be shared or used for multiple FSA IDs)
  • Physical address
  • Mobile phone number

NOTE: Your session will time out if you aren’t active for 5 minutes. Gather all of your information before you start this process.

Set up your FSA ID in seven steps. 

  1. From the Federal Student Aid homepage, click “Create Account” then select the “Get Started” button at the bottom of the webpage. For helpful tips while creating your FSA ID, click on the question mark (?) after each answer.
  2. Enter your name, birth date, and Social Security Number. Itʼs important that your Social Security number, name, and date of birth match exactly what is on your SSN card.
  3. Choose a username and password and enter your email address. Your email address cannot be associated with another FSA ID. Itʼs important to have access to your email address in order to receive the authorization code. Be sure to use an email address youʼll have access to for years to come. Students and parents cannot use the same email address to create their FSA IDs.
  4. Enter your permanent address and phone number. It is recommended to set up a mobile phone account recovery. This option is used to help you restore access to your account by sending you a code via text message if you are locked out.
  5. Choose your communication preferences to receive required and informational communications related to your federal student aid and student loan process.
  6. You will be asked to answer four challenge questions. When answering your challenge questions make sure the answers will be easy to remember and always select the “Show Answer” box to ensure accuracy. If you do not remember your username and password, you can retrieve your information via your verified email address or by successfully answering your challenge questions. However, this process is not always instantaneous. It is best to choose a username and password that you will easily remember.
  7. Your last step will be to review your information for accuracy and accept the FSA ID terms and conditions. A confirmation will be sent to the email address and/or the cell phone number you provided. Itʼs important that you do not close the email verification page during this process. Open another browser to login to your email account to receive your six-digit code to verify your account creation.

Once you have verified your information, you can now log on with your username and password to start your FAFSA.