It’s never too early Children with school supplies in a start preparing for a career. Getting an education is more important than ever before. Although you won’t apply to college until high school, there are many things you can do to be ready when the time comes.

Discover your interests

Establish good habits

Choices you make now can help you succeed in high school and prepare for college. It’s important to adopt good habits early on. Here are some things you can already start:

  • Spend time reading.
  • Pay attention in class.
  • Develop study skills. 
  • Join clubs or organizations.

Did you know?

A majority of jobs today require some education beyond high school. Some jobs require more education than others. You could take a short-term certificate program, become an Apprentice where you learn on the job, go to a community college or a four-year university. It all counts as college! The important thing to remember is that you have a lot of years of learning left – it doesn’t end after high school.