Life After College: Three Ways to Prepare for What’s Next

There are many paths to choose from after graduating college, including graduate school, entering the workforce, traveling, or serving your country in some capacity. Similar to high school, the more time you take to prepare for your future, the less difficult those decisions may be. Luckily, your college or university will have plenty of people […]

Why You Should Build an Online Portfolio in College

In the modern workforce, almost every job features an online component, either for branding purposes or as a part of their business operations. This is also true during the hiring process. Gone are the days where you can just walk into a company to meet the manager in person and hand-deliver a resume. In an […]

Having a Difficult Conversation with your Student

Change is inevitable when a student goes off to college. Students who have gone away have to adapt to a new place to live, new friends and teachers, new learning environments, and new challenges that come with this next phase in their lives. Parents have to adapt to new ways to give their support and […]

When Your Child Feels “Meh” About College

College is a rite of passage — the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds; carve out a path for personal growth; learn new skills; pursue a career; find independence; and gain valuable, real-world experiences. But not everyone sees it that way. For some students, college may seem like an unnecessary life choice that has […]

How to Survive the Empty Nest: A Parent’s Guide to Coping When the Kids Are Off to College

Think about a time when your house was filled with the sounds of stomping feet running through the hallway. Clothes splattered with food stains and dirt fill the hamper, waiting for their turn in the wash. A gallon of milk sits on the counter next to a half-eaten bowl of soggy cereal. The front door […]

Staying Connected to Your Adult Child Without Going Over the Top

It seems that kids grow up in the blink of an eye. First they are a fragile newborn, and soon enough they are a trekking toddler, then a grade-schooler, and teenager… and all of a sudden, they are finally 18! Give yourself a pat on the back. They’ve graduated from school and you’ve graduated from […]

How to Deal: Family Financial Stress and College

College is a time for students to grow and learn, as well as gain and maintain independence. However,  in between managing tough class schedules, keeping up with the curriculum, making new friends, getting involved in on-campus activities and adjusting to a new way of life, it is undeniable that college students are subjected to an […]

Three Tips for Picking the Right Graduate Program

During your undergraduate studies, you are given time and space to determine what career path is right for you. One in three students will change their major during their time in college! While that is okay for a bachelor’s degree, you don’t have that same leniency with graduate programs. Graduate programs provide a lot of […]

Seven Advantages to Building Credit Before Graduating

Credit and how to manage it is an important subject that is often neglected in high schools and even colleges, unless it’s a part of your degree field. However, it is something that everyone should at least have some knowledge about. Whether you are purchasing a car or renting/buying a house, your credit score is […]

Three Major Steps after Decision Day

Hey Seniors! Congratulations on a job well done! It’s time to celebrate — and then think about what’s next! Don’t lose focus, there are a few major steps you need to accomplish before you’re ready to attend college this fall. For those who have not made a decision yet, there is still time! Most schools, especially […]