Myth #97 – Majors set your future

Certain majors open up a wide range of career opportunities. Engineers and computer scientist, on average, earn the higher salaries. Students with accounting or teaching degrees tend to have an easy time finding employment. However, the major you choose does not necessarily determine what kind of job you’ll have or how much money you’ll make. […]

Myth #111 – I only need to apply to one college

Applying to multiple schools is a smart move to help you keep your options open. Having a few choices allows you to weigh your options and opportunities, and find the best fit for you. Applying to multiple colleges during your senior year of high school lets you make a more informed decision on where to […]

15 to Finish: Graduate on time

When you enroll in college you probably start out with some specific expectations – including the amount of time it will take to complete your degree. If you are attending college full time, you likely expect to graduate with an associate degree in two years or a bachelor’s degree in four years. Here’s the problem […]

Summer checklist

School’s out for the summer, but there is plenty to do before fall. Don’t get sidetracked by summer melt — where students who intend to go to college never actually enroll for the fall semester. Start checking these items off your list to make sure you’re in good shape to start your freshman year. To do: Register for […]