MyScholarshipCentral: Scholarships for Current College Students

While many scholarships are only offered to high school students planning to attend college, there are a lot of opportunities designed specifically for current college students to complete their degree. There can be a lot of uncertainties when you go to college. One of the biggest is often money. Even if you no longer live […]

5 Ways to Maximize your College Visit

Visiting a college campus can be a major deciding factor when choosing where you want to go to school. Each place is unique and finding out what you like about the environment is important. But don’t stress too much about it, we’ve got you covered! Here are five things to consider before, during, and after […]

How Missouri Works

How does Missouri work? Industries are growing and looking for recent graduates of colleges, universities, technical schools, credential programs, and apprenticeships. How will you work in Missouri?

Five reasons to choose a Missouri College

In the heart of the Midwest, Missouri has some top-tier stats to show off what the show-me state has to offer. Click to see 5 reasons why you should choose a Missouri school.

7 Reasons You Should Live, Learn, and Work in Missouri

See what Missouri has to offer you! See 7 reasons you should live, learn and work in Missouri.

Find your Best Fit in Missouri

Missouri is home to over 65 colleges and universities with unique cultures and opportunities. Can you find your best fit in Missouri?

Five Great Jobs for Recent College Grads

Regardless of whether you have chosen a major, your career path might be in a different field than the one you studied for in college… Here are several occupations that are projected to grow in Missouri over the next decade.

What makes Missouri a Great Place for new Grads

Make Missouri moves after graduation. See why Missouri is a great place for new graduates.

5 Reasons to Apply to Multiple Schools

Going into my senior year, I had everything mapped out. I visited Truman State University and immediately fell in love with the campus and atmosphere. There was no other place that I wanted to go. Later that spring I found out about William & Mary in Virginia, the school Thomas Jefferson went to. It was […]

5 Reasons to File a FAFSA

Every year, the U.S. Department of Education gives roughly $120 billion in federal loans, grants, and work-study funds to more than 13 million college students. These funds are awarded only to those who file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). By not submitting a FAFSA, students are leaving billions of dollars on the […]