Myth #111 – I only need to apply to one college

Applying to multiple schools is a smart move to help you keep your options open. Having a few choices allows you to weigh your options and opportunities, and find the best fit for you. Applying to multiple colleges during your senior year of high school lets you make a more informed decision on where to attend.

Students should take costs into consideration when finalizing their future plans. You could be eligible for grants and scholarships, which can help you make the right decision for you. There is also always the possibility that you may not get accepted to your top college choice, so applying to multiple schools helps to make sure you don’t end up without a plan. Consider applying to multiple schools, going on campus visits, looking at the types of degree programs offered, and reviewing your financial aid offer before making a final decision.

Summer checklist

School’s out for the summer, but there is plenty to do before fall.

Don’t get sidetracked by summer melt — where students who intend to go to college never actually enroll for the fall semester.

Start checking these items off your list to make sure you’re in good shape to start your freshman year.

To do:

  • Register for and attend summer orientation.
  • Pay all required deposits.
  • Register for fall semester classes.
  • Make sure you have a plan for housing and transportation.
  • Save money to pay for your books.
  • Make a realistic spending plan for when you start college.
  • Look at your degree map and plan out how many credit hours you need each semester to graduate on time.
  • Seek out part-time employment before the fall semester starts.
  • Consider job shadowing a few different career options throughout the summer to help you identify which career path is right for you.
  • Check with the admissions and financial aid departments at your school to make sure they have all of the information they need from you.

If you need help finalizing your college plans, contact the admissions department at your school. If you’re in the Kansas City area, contact the Missouri College Advising Corps College Connections Center.