Young woman working on computerThe quickest and easiest way to complete the FAFSA application is online at An updated version of the mobile app, myStudentAid App, will be available in late 2020. 

Filling out a FAFSA is always free and is easier now than it ever has been. The form provides detailed instructions and walks you through step by step, asking only the questions that apply to you. If you need additional help, you can access a real-time, private online chat to speak with a customer service representative.

A paper FAFSA is available if that is the best option for you. You may complete a PDF application or request a paper FAFSA by calling 1-800-433-3243. Both the PDF and paper FAFSAs must be mailed for processing. Learn more at

Before you file be sure to:

For free help completing the FAFSA, attend a FAFSA Frenzy event near you.