As you begin making long-term goals for your future, be sure your financial plan includes a realistic idea of the salary you could earn after graduating from college. Doing so will help you develop reasonable expectations about your future income so you can make practical financial choices now and in the future.

There are several ways you can get an idea of the salary you could earn:

  • Visit MoSCORES to see average salaries and employment data for college degree programs in Missouri. 
  • Log on to the Missouri Connections website where you can find state and national salary averages for a number of professions under “Occupational Profiles.” You can take the “Reality Check” assessment to see what type of salary you need to fit the lifestyle you hope to have. You can use Missouri Connections even if your high school does not provide login information. Log on as a guest and print or save any information that may be helpful.
  • Visit to see Missouri’s top jobs outlooks and current job openings. Use this information to see if the careers you are considering are projected to be in high demand and determine the current salaries being offered.