Cost Comparisons 2023: See How Missouri Stacks Up!

With inflation and fluctuating markets, it’s hard to keep tabs on the going rates for some of our everyday essentials. We broke down the numbers to show you how you can save in the state of Missouri. 

  • Did you know that Missouri is the fourth most affordable state to live in? Based on a 100-point scale index (with 100 being the national average), California falls at 134.5, whereas Missouri sits at 88.4. That difference says it all!

  • Eggs have been a hot topic recently. According to USDA, the average 14-16 oz. carton of eggs in the Northeast region of the U.S. sits at a staggering $3.99. Meanwhile, you can find those same eggs for $3.50 in the Midwest. It might be time to double down and have breakfast for dinner!

  • We all dread the start of the month when we have to pay rent. But in Missouri, you may be saving more than you think. For a two-bedroom apartment in the U.S., you will allot an average of $1,081 per month. In California, they take it up a level — asking renters to shell out an average of $1,668 per month. Meanwhile, in Missouri, average rent is below average at $818.

  • Let’s take a pit stop and fuel up. The national average gas price (as of June 16, 2023) is $3.58 per gallon. If you’re headed west, expect a bump in prices. A gallon of gas in California is going for $4.88. Perhaps you’re en route to the Midwest? You can expect a gallon of fuel in Missouri to be about $3.20.

  • Before we cross the finish line, let’s talk car prices. Including insurance, registration, repairs, etc., the average price for owning a car in the U.S. is $26,297. California is a bit of a climb at $30,987, but Missouri sits below the national average at $25,407. It might be time for a road trip!

Whether you’re moving to Missouri, in the market for a new car, or needing to save money on essentials, this provides some insight into the cost of living, learning, and working in Missouri.